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Prison of the Chained God

The Legend

Legend says that the Chained God, Tharizdun, found a seed of evil in the young cosmos, and during the gods’ war with the primordials, he threw that seed into the Elemental Tempest. There, the evil seed despoiled all that came into contact with it (some say it tainted Tharizdun himself) and created the Abyss as it burned a hole in the very structure of the plane. Elemental beings that came too close to the Abyss became trapped and warped. Any desire they have turns to the longing to obliterate the gods, creation, and even one another. The creatures there became demons. After the god’s war they saw what Tharizdun had created and what he was becoming. The gods all united, and with their combined power they locked Tharizdun away in a secret prison somewhere in the universe. With his name nearly forgotten, he has become known as the Chained God.


You live on the moon Tsunade which orbits a gas giant named Xanathe in a binary star system where the second sun is in an orbit further out from Xanathe. Normally, even on the dark side of Xanathe you get sun light from the second sun, except for month per year, the month of Darksyde, when the second sun is on the opposite side of the solar system. The undead and other forms of evil that prefer the night usually take advantage of this time; on the other hand, the heroes of the land are usually well prepared and do a very good job at protecting the people and having some fun at slaughtering undead.

But something went wrong this time. The forces of evil apparently prepared themselves for the heroes this time; with coordinated attacks many groups of heroes were killed and entire cities now lay in smoking ruins. The people who were left knew they just had to make it through the dark for one month. What was left of the heroes and the people hunkered down for a month long worldwide siege

That was two years ago.

Something has locked Tsunade on the dark side of Xanathe and at the same time locked the second sun on the opposite side of the solar system; turning Tsunade into a dark, frozen wasteland. Wizards and scholars could find no reason why, priests asked there gods for help, with no answers. Priestly and other holy powers still work but the wielders can no longer feel the touch of their gods behind the magic. Undead and worse rule the skies, the land, the seas, and the underdark. You are now at the bottom of the food chain.

Level: 16

DDI Classes/Races

Free Magic Items: One 17th Level; One 16th Level; One 15th Level (no artifacts/no intelligent items)

Gold: 25,000gp

Three Part Adventure:

Adventure 1: Leaving Thorson

Adventure 2: Investigating Freya’s Hill

Adventure 3: Saving the Universe and Everything Else


Heroes are those blessed with abilities beyond that of normal people. You are a hero and two years ago you were completing your training in Thorson with other young heroes. You were grouped up with others in your class under the watchful eye of your instructor, Thorek Ironbreaker, a War Priest of Moradin. Thorek was battle hardened and as tough as the hammer he carried; compliments from Thorek were few and far between and usually consisted of not getting chewed out or not getting knocked across the room.

The last two years have felt like a nightmare you can’t awaken from. You lost family and friends, far too many to count. The day before the month of Darksyde two years ago there was big celebration as the people from the countryside around Thorson came into the city. Heroes were preparing for adventure and telling grand stories of their exploits during Darksyde over the past few years. It’s hard to imagine now, but the month of Darksyde used to be a month long festival for the people and a month when heroes became legends.

Your task was to be a relatively mundane one; to go out and bring in a wagon train that got delayed. At the most, you should have encountered a few goblins, or if you were lucky some kobolds. Early in the morning on the last day of the month of Finlyte, Thorek assembled your group and you headed out. It was unusually quiet since many animals were already hibernating for the coming month of Darksyde. You found the wagon train a little after noon; it turned out that they were delayed because someone didn’t tie the horses up properly and they had to chase them all down before they could start moving again.

When night fell you could see the lights of Thorson in the distance and were thinking how disappointing the day had been, not a single goblin, for that matter, not a single anything. Then it came, the scream was so horrible and mind shattering you nearly fell from your mount. Many of the people in the wagon train fell unconscious and some of the horses bolted, dragging their cargo and handlers into the forest.

In a voice that could command gods Thorek snapped you back to your senses. Then the terror dropped from the sky, you had never seen or even imagined anything like it. As big as a building, it hit the ground with earth shattering force, tearing up trees as if they were twigs. “Dracolich” Thorek shouted. The creature inhaled then released its breath; you saw the air itself freezing into solid ice. The breath was headed straight toward Thorek and the people behind him.

To you Thorek had always been a stern, tough old dwarf; you never imagined he was capable of the terrible power you saw next. Just as the dracolich’s breath reached him Thorek slammed his hammer into the ground turning the breath back on the dracolich and knocking it back into the forest. Thorek shouted his last command “Save as many as you can, get them to Thorson and don’t look back” then his hammer lit up like the sun and he charged into the forest after the dracolich. You did just as he commanded, running for the city, snatching people upon to horses and wagons. You could see bolts of energy coming from the sky and hitting the city walls.

Another group of heroes came out to meet you and escort you back into Thorson. It was a good thing too; the goblins you had been hoping for came charging from all directions in wave after wave. By the time you made it back into the city and the gates closed you were covered in blood; yours, goblins and the people you were trying to save.

You and your friends helped get all of the people into the catacombs while the military and other groups fought to defend the city. Within a day the city had fallen and now Thorson was a city of catacombs and tunnels. Most of the people were in shock; how, what, so many questions and no answers. Heroes, even Legends lay dead on the streets above and Thorek was gone.

Two years have passed now.

The people now shout Mjöllnir when they see you; your group has become known as Thor’s Hammer. You are the only hope they now have.

You’ve brought hope to Thorson in finding a Relic which now shines over the city, bringing both light and warmth to its people once again. When they activated the Relic the first sense of safety and good fell over them in two years, but upon deciphering the scrolls that were with the Relic you realized that you must leave it behind, on what looks to be a suicide mission. The people have not been told about the scrolls that tell a tale of these events happening 10,000 years before, or the doom that will follow if you can’t stop Tharizdun from consuming all life on Tsunade.

The scrolls with the relic told a story of the same events happening 10,000 years ago. A priest of Tharizdun brought about permanent night in an effort to release him and be granted immortality. The effort of releasing Tharizdun would have consumed all life on the moon. The heroes of the land converged on him, slew the priest and sealed Tharizdun back into his prison.

There were even instructions in the scrolls ordering the oral telling of this story every year so the people could prepare themselves in case the god attempted to reenter this universe again; but do to espionage or some clerical mistake the relic and the scrolls were sealed deep in the catacombs Thorson, in a magically locked vault.

You must find the location of the Chained God’s temple, go there, find who or what opened the prison, stop it and once again and banish Tharizdun back into his prison. The scrolls where written by an apprentice wizard who traveled with his master in a party of heroes. According to the scrolls, the apprentice was the only survivor. He watched, from a distance, as the temple collapsed, pulling his master and all of his friends in, never to be seen or heard from again.

No one has heard from other cities or countries in over a year.

Your group is the only group of heroes left in Thorson, and the rest of the world, for all you know. The only other group left up until two weeks ago were The Riders of the East Wind, they rode through the dark to setup a teleportation portal in Freya’s Hill to evacuate their citizens to Thorson. They got the portal setup and about 200 people made it through before The Riders of the East Wind shut it down on their end. They have not been heard from sense.

You now stand in the make shift town hall with the Mayor of Thorson, High Priest of Odin, Volundr, his assistant Elric Ka’Leath and the Captain of the Guard, Thwack Hammerslammer. You must leave Thorson, make your way through ancient tunnels to the coast then use a ritual prepared by Elric and teleport to Freya’s Hill. Vlundr hopes the “Riders” are still alive and together you can discover where Tharizdun’s Temple is and stop him from being freed from his prison.

Prison of the Chained God

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