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Scale Reference

For reference purposes. Xanathe is a gas giant approx. three times the mass of Jupiter and the moon Tsunade is approx. five times the size of Earth. The central sun is a Yellow star similar in size to our own sun and the second sun is a white dwarf.

Tsunade has three main land masses, plus north and south polar ice caps, but after two years of darkness most of the oceans have frozen over. This adventure takes place on the continent of Five Lords, in the country of Mitherin. Mitherin is very similar to the ancient Norse culture in beliefs and largely follow the Norse Pathos along with the other known gods.


Thorson is the capitol of Mitherin and is ruled by the Counsel of Nine. None of the original Council of Nine still lives; Volundr the current Mayor of Thorson/Ruler of Mitherin is the only surviving assistant to the Counsel of Nine. He is very overwhelmed by the current events, the needs of the people and the people always looking to him for the answers. Over the past few months he has begin to withdraw from the world, knowing lives depend on every decision he makes.

Freya’s Hill was an elf village of incomparable beauty; the walls of the village and the buildings were made from magically shaped obsidian and ancient trees. At night the obsidian of Freya’s Hill glowed with a faint green light; some said the glow was the soul of village. Freya’s Hill was strong enough to hold its own against the onslaught for nearly two years, then a little over a week ago an emergency message came in “The walls are crumbling, we need to evacuate”.

Attempt to Save Freya’s Hill

The Riders of the East Wind went out while Thor’s Hammer was deep below Thorson questing for a myth; something called the Relic. The Relic would create an artificial sun over Thorson. This sun would keep the onslaught at bay and keep them from teleporting into the city. The “Riders” made it to Freya’s Keep and saved some. Thor’s Hammer found the Relic; the Relic now protects Thorson.

It Happened Before, Now it’s Happening Again

10,000 years ago a high priest of Tharizdun attempted to free his master of his chains and release him upon the universe. Entire kingdoms were wiped out; heroes from all over world converged on Tharizdun’s Temple, defeated the high priest and saved the world; not a single hero survived. The only one left to tell the tale was an apprentice wizard who was ordered by his master to remain outside.

The people of Thorson rebuilt their city and constructed a series of tunnels they could use to move armies, people and supplies from town to town, but these tunnels were forgotten and fell into disrepair. No one knows what is in those tunnels, maps no longer exist. Scouts have been sent into the tunnels to find a way out but few returned and those who did come back found nothing but dead end, ancient traps and more tunnels.

The Adventures

Adventure 1: Leaving Thorson A week ago another group of heroes, The Riders of the East Wind, ran the gauntlet outside of Thorson in an attempt to rescue survivors in a elven village called Freya’s Hill. The “Riders” made it to Freya’s Hill, setup a teleportation portal synchronized with another one in Thorson and sent a little over 200 survivors through, but then they suddenly shut it down on their side, destroying the one in Thorson. Neither the “Riders” nor Freya’s Hill has been heard from since.

Now Thor’s Hammer must make their way to Freya’s Hill, but to get there they must get out of Thorson. Leaving from any point above ground is all but impossible now. They must work their way through the tunnels in the Underdark, find an exit far from the walls of Thorson then activate a teleportation portal that will take them to Freya’s Hill.

Adventure 2: Investigating Freya’s Hill With Thorson behind them, what awaits them in Freya’s Hill? Now they must find the other group, if they are still alive, look for clues about Tharizdun’s temple, the ritual to free him and hopefully a way to stop him.

Adventure 3: Saving the Universe and Everything Else The last group of heroes to come this far succeeded in defeating the high priest of Tharizdun and sealing Tharizdun himself back into his prison. The problem was, all of them died in the process. How will this group of heroes fair?

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